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In our beliefs, most of them that is, walking through the
passage that leads us back home to our Creator, must
be cause for celebration. Many cultures make all sorts
of celebrations; parades, playing happy music and even
dancing. To us, this might seem strange, but think about it a
little. After all, what is really the meaning of death...
freedom in many ways; freedom from a body that limits us,
no aches, not a chance to become tired.
Life has a cycle and as all living beings, there is an
inevitable end. We can have an approximate date of birth,
but nobody knows an approximate date for death.
We can take the best care of ourselves and our loved ones,
but we should value every single breath. We have to make
our best of the life we were given, so when the time comes
to go back home, we leave everything in order, including our last
will and testament. This is the hard part...leaving everything in order.
Why not think a little about that and act rapidly while we still
have a chance. For those loved ones and friends who have
passed away, we can include them in our everyday prayers and
even though, we miss them terribly, we should rest assured they
are in a much better place in the presence of God and surely
not far away from us.

I know many of Holding's teachers, staff and former
students and friends have passed away, but it would not be
fair to name a few when I do not know about so many
more.  When I think of all those I knew at Holding
and the ones I never met, I only pray they are well,
wherever they might be and if they have passed
away, I pray God I see them when my time comes.
May they all rest in peace and enjoy in the
company of our Father. Amen.

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